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Transform Call Transcripts into Branded Web Pages

Say adiós to the clutter of scattered call transcripts and hola to streamlined, AI-powered web pages for your sales and business prospecting. Adopt the power of AI with web pages that repurpose all your call transcripts into brand-worthy, engaging pages.

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Stop doing manual work. Start letting the robot donkeys help you

Basically instead of going back to listen to call recordings, taking notes, then writing your content we do it for you

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Launch AI-Powered Webpages for Prospecting in Minutes

User-Friendly AI Webpage Creation

Rápido y fácil! Create AI web pages as fast as your café con leche cools down.

🌮 Choose from different templates to create pages quickly, such as follow-up pages, case studies, or prospecting pages. Use drag-and-drop tools for easy customization.

🌮 You can integrate tools like Gong, Salesloft, Chorus, or Avoma to synchronize your call transcripts or simply import files from your computer.

Tailored Content

AI crafts your call transcripts into engaging content, ensuring your message resonates. It's like having a personal editor who knows your prospects as well as you do.

Real-Time Engagement Analytics

Go beyond opens and clicks. AI Webpages' analytics lets you see how prospects interact with your content so you know when they're engaged.

Streamlined Communication Channels

Say adios to cluttered email threads. We offer a seamless way to present and track your sales narratives, and action plans all in one place.

Targeted AI-Synthesized Summaries

AI doesn't just organize content; it creates summaries that captivate. No more guesswork – your key points are now the show's stars.


AI Webpages Designed to Propel Prospect Engagement

Capture & Sync Engagement Data To CRM
Blend data seamlessly like DJ mixing tracks – emails, calls, and leads – and sync it to your CRM. No data is left behind, and no insight is unnoticed.
The Ultimate Conversion Toolkit
Boost conversions with tools as colorful and vibrant as a fiesta. Pop-ups, alerts, and more – turn every visit into a celebration of engagement.
Content Approval Flows
Keep your content quality as rich as your abuela's mole sauce. Get the team's thumbs-up before anything goes live – keeping it all top-notch.
Admin Brand Locking
Lock in your brand like you secure your secret salsa recipe. Ensure every piece of content has an authentic taste that matches your brand's unique flavor.
An App-Store On A Page
Pack your webpage with interactive features. It is like having an app store in your pocket. Videos, quizzes, polls – bring the fun to your prospects.
Content Attribution
Like a well-kept ledger, know which content pieces are the MVPs of your strategy. Track, analyze, and give credit where it's due – make every word count.

Built for all kinds of cool donkey-lovers

  • Create content that naturally draws in the audience you're looking for.
  • Connect with your leads by using engaging pop-ups and notification bars, building a stronger relationship with them.
  • Use insights from your data to improve your content and boost its effectiveness.
  • Put all your marketing campaigns, reports, and materials in one easy-to-reach spot for simple sharing.
  • Monitor how people interact with your content to make your campaigns even more effective.
  • Make sharing content for promotions, partnerships, or sponsorships a breeze with just one link.
  • Gather all your business proposals, investor presentations, and company summaries to make a cohesive pitch.
  • Send potential partners and stakeholders to one website where they can find all the important information about your business.
  • Tell the story of your company, what you stand for, and your achievements in a lively and engaging way.
  • Showcase your products or services, customer reviews, and how you work clearly to gain the trust of your potential clients.
  • Make communication smoother by using just one link that holds all the vital information about your business.
  • Easily keep your sales materials up-to-date in real-time without the hassle of using several different platforms.
  • Bring together your portfolio, videos, and project schedules to create a unified presentation.
  • Include in-depth product descriptions to ensure your vision is clearly understood.
  • Display how your creations come to life, from the initial idea to the final product.
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How does AI help in creating web pages for sales?

AI technology significantly enhances the webpage creation process by utilizing advanced algorithms to analyze and interpret call transcripts. Once you integrate with platforms like Gong, Salesloft, Chorus, or Avoma, we will automatically extract key points from your call transcript. Then, the system creates sales-specific content pages, including follow-up pages, case studies, and prospecting pages.

You can still manually import files even if you don't use call recording tools. The AI will organize and present the content effectively. It saves time and tailors the content to each prospect's unique needs and interests.

Can I integrate my existing CRM with the AI Webpages?

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Do I need coding skills to create an AI web page?

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Can I track prospect engagement on my AI web page?

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Can AI Webpages replace my current sales content tools?

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