Jul 1, 2024
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Best Digital Sales Room Example to Streamline Sales

Andrew Mewborn
Jul 1, 2024

Staying ahead means constantly adjusting and finding better ways to connect with clients. Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) are key here. 

This is an online space to meet. You can share content, work together in real-time, and keep track of everything in one spot. 

Why are DSRs becoming essential in today's sales processes? They simplify everything. From finding new leads to sealing deals, DSRs make it easy to handle and share key information. They keep you organized and ensure each meeting with a potential client goes smoothly and professionally.

What is a Digital Sales Room?

A Digital Sales Room (DSR) is an online place where sales teams can share content, work with clients, and watch interactions as they happen. It combines all your sales materials, talks, and data to help you work smarter.

So, what makes a DSR so great? Here are a few important features:

  • Content Sharing: You can easily send presentations, videos, and documents to your clients. Forget about long email threads or lost files.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: You can work with your clients directly. Whether you're messaging, on a video call, or editing documents together, it's all in real time.
  • Analytics and Insights: Learn how your clients interact with what you share. Find out what they like most and plan your next steps based on that.

DSRs make every part of the sales process better. From finding new leads to sealing deals, they help keep everything neat and professional. 

A recent study showed that companies using DSRs cut down the time it takes to close sales by 30%. This means you can finish deals quicker and start new ones without waiting.

Examples of Digital Sales Rooms

Let's look at some popular options for digital sales room tools.


Distribute is a top choice for many sales teams. It has cool tools for video prospecting, making AI microsites, one-pagers, and creating lead magnets. These tools let you connect with clients in new and effective ways.

Distribute also has customizable templates for sales and marketing. This means you can make your presentations and documents just right for your brand and what your clients need. 

Plus, its analytics tell you how clients interact with your content, so you can change your approach as needed. Using Distribute can really improve your sales. It’s built to help you close deals faster and easier.


Qwilr is great for making content that fits exactly what buyers want. You can create interactive and good-looking proposals, reports, and brochures.

Qwilr makes sure buyers and sellers can work together well, which makes the sales process more fun and effective.


Highspot lets you make personalized sales pitches with lots of media options. You can work with clients right away, deal with their concerns, and answer their questions immediately. This direct interaction can help a lot in closing deals.


Showell is known for its strong security features, which keep your content safe and only available to the right people. It also lets you customize your branding, so your sales materials always show your company’s style.

With tools to check how people engage with your content and manage your sales team, Showell helps you keep track of engagement and run your sales team better.

Why Digital Sales Rooms are Essential for Sales Teams?

Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) are a big deal for sales teams, bringing lots of benefits that change how you work and talk to clients.

Making Sharing and Talking Easier

One of the best things about digital sales rooms is how they make sharing and communicating simpler. Instead of using many platforms or getting lost in emails, everything you need is in one spot. You can quickly share documents, presentations, and videos.

Also, with tools that let you work together in real time, you and your clients can get things done smoothly. No more waiting for feedback or struggling with different versions of documents.

Boosting Buyer Interest and Happiness

Keeping buyers interested is important, and digital sales rooms make it easier. All your sales stuff is in one easy-to-reach place, so clients can find what they need without trouble. This makes them happier and keeps them interested.

When buyers can look at your content whenever they want and ask questions right there, they feel more involved and important. This can really help them decide to buy.

Cutting Down Sales Time and Getting More Sales

Time is important, and digital sales rooms help you save it. By making things run smoother and improving how you communicate, DSRs can cut down the time it takes to make a sale. 

This means you can finish deals quicker and sell more. The time you save with a DSR lets you spend more time building relationships and less on paperwork.

Implementing a Digital Sales Room

Setting up a Digital Sales Room (DSR) with Distribute is easy and can really help your sales. Here's a simple guide to get you started, along with some tips.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a DSR with Distribute

1. Sign Up for Distribute: Go to the Distribute website and create an account. It's quick and simple.

2. Create Your Sales Room: After logging in, set up a new sales room. Name it after your project or client.

3. Add Content or Create from our Templates: Upload all your sales stuff like presentations, videos, and documents. Put them in folders so they're easy to find. You can also create all your content using our pre-made templates,

4. Customize Your Sales Room: Make the sales room feel like your own. Add your logo, pick colors, and set up templates.

5. Invite Team Members and Clients: Let your team and clients into the sales room. You can choose who sees what to keep important info safe.

6. Set Up Analytics: Turn on analytics to see how clients use your content. This tells you what's working and what's not.

Tips for Making Your DSR Great

  • Keep It Organized: A tidy sales room helps clients find things easily. Use folders and labels to stay neat.
  • Engage in Real-Time: Use tools that let you work with clients right away. Try live demos or Q&A sessions to talk directly.
  • Update Regularly: Change your content often to keep it new. This shows clients you're on top of things.

Best Practices for Content and Tracking

  • Create Engaging Content: Make your content fun with pictures and interactive parts. Dull presentations can make clients lose interest.
  • Track Engagement: Check which parts of your content people like most. For example, if a video is watched a lot, it's probably really good.
  • Follow Up Fast: Use what you learn from tracking to follow up quickly. Fast responses can make it more likely you'll close a deal.


Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) make sharing content easier, keep buyers interested, and help finish sales quicker. Distribute is one of the best choices because it has special features and you can make it fit your needs. It helps sales teams close deals faster and better.

Ready to improve your sales? Sign up for Distribute today and see how it helps.

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