Jul 10, 2024
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Effective Sales Coaching Template by Distribute

Andrew Mewborn
Jul 10, 2024

Sales coaching is a big deal for sales teams. In a busy and tough market, good advice can help ordinary sales reps become great. This is why Distribute's Sales Coaching Template is so useful. 

It helps make the coaching process better and easier. This template is great for any business that wants to improve its sales. Whether you've been managing sales for a long time or you're just starting, this tool gives you what you need to help your team succeed.

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What is Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching helps sales reps get better at their jobs. It's more than just training. It's about giving ongoing, tailored support. Think of it like having a mentor who gives you tips, helps you practice, and gives feedback to improve your work.

Why is Sales Coaching Important for Sales Teams?

Sales coaching is important because it helps reps grow. It boosts their confidence, sharpens their skills, and keeps them driven. In sales, being confident and skilled really helps in closing deals and hitting goals. Great coaching can change an “okay sales representative” into a “STAR.”

What are the Benefits of Good Sales Coaching?

  • Better Performance: Regular coaching helps sales representatives polish their selling techniques and strategies, which means better sales results.
  • Increased Motivation: When reps see they are improving, they feel more eager to keep going.
  • Higher Retention Rates: Sales reps who receive good coaching tend to stay longer at their company because they feel valued and supported.
  • Improved Skills: Coaching focuses on developing skills that are essential for keeping up with market changes and meeting customer needs.
  • Personalized Development: Each rep receives advice and feedback that's tailored to them, which makes the coaching more effective.
💡 Sales coaching is crucial, not just a nice-to-have. It's a must for teams that want to succeed.

Introducing the Distribute Sales Coaching Template

Sales Coaching Template
Use This Template for Free!

The Distribute Sales Coaching Template is made to help make sales coaching simpler and better. It's a full guide that covers everything from setting goals to keeping track of performance and giving feedback. This template gives sales managers all the tools they need to coach their teams well. You can customize this template based on your company needs.

What Makes This Template Special?

The Distribute Sales Coaching Template stands out because it's easy to use and has everything you need. It's made with the user in mind, so anyone can start using it right away. It also has helpful tips and strategies that really work.

What are the Key Features of Distribute Sales Coaching Template?

This template is a complete guide for sales managers. It helps them create and carry out coaching plans that are specific, measurable, and flexible. These plans aim to make both individuals and teams better.

Tactical Coaching

  • This part lays out clear steps like focusing on one main area each quarter and finding opportunities through analyzing data.
  • It includes a place to write down problems, set goals, and make plans for different skills like Light Discovery, Objection Handling, and managing Activity Levels.

Strategic Coaching

  • Key areas include Account Strategy, Protecting the Sales Pipeline, and Competitive Playbook.
  • It provides strategies and goals for reaching important decision-makers, planning ahead, and using competitive strengths.

Personal Coaching

  • This focuses on improving personal qualities such as Confidence, Motivation, and Self-Coaching.
  • The strategies here help align personal goals with daily tasks and encourage self-improvement.

Data-Driven Coaching Impact

  • It sets measurable goals for things like talk time percentage and patience scores.
  • Also, it includes a way to review progress with questions designed to help teams think about what they've learned, areas where they're stuck, and new challenges.

How to Use a Sales Coaching Template?

1. Visit the Website: Go to Distribute.so to find the sales coaching template.

2. Choose the Template: Click on the "Use as Template" button at the top right of the page.

3. Customize: Change the template to fit your brand and needs.

4. Share the Link: Send the link of the customized template to your team.

5. Track Performance: Use our analytics to see how well the template is working.

Common Challenges and Solutions in Sales Coaching

Sales coaching can be tricky. Here are some common challenges:

  • Lack of Time: Managers often don't have enough time to coach regularly.
  • Inconsistent Methods: Different managers might use different coaching methods, which can confuse the team.
  • Resistance from Reps: Some sales reps may not want to change how they work.
  • Measuring Progress: It's hard to see how effective the coaching is.

Practical Solutions with the Distribute Template

  • Lack of Time: The Distribute template makes the coaching process quicker. It has structured sessions so managers can coach effectively without wasting time on planning.
  • Inconsistent Methods: The template makes sure all managers coach in the same way. This uniform approach helps reps know what to expect.
  • Resistance from Reps: The template involves reps in setting goals and giving feedback. This teamwork makes them more open to coaching.
  • Measuring Progress: The template includes tools to track performance. These tools make it clear to see where improvements are made and where more work is needed.


Sales coaching is essential for any sales team aiming to improve performance and achieve. It is key for any sales team that wants to do better and reach their goals. 

The Distribute Sales Coaching Template is a helpful tool that makes coaching simpler and better. To see how good it is, use the template with your team today. It's a step towards making your sales team stronger and more effective.

Use This Template for Free!