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Say adiós to email ping-pong and hola to our deal room. Keep all your sales materials in one branded space. Close deals and drive sales faster and easier.

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So, why a deal room?

One Platform for Every Sales Step

1. Lead Magnets: Attract potential customers with engaging content.
2. Sales: Close deals faster with seamless collaboration tools.
3. Client Onboarding: Ensure a smooth transition with organized processes.
4. Content Management: Keep all your sales materials in one place.
5. Analytics and Insights: Track performance and improve strategies.

Distribute simplifies every step of your sales process, making it easy for your team to work efficiently and close more deals.


Launch new deal rooms in 30 seconds or less

Digital sales rooms that even your Grandma can build, fast

Share the most up to date sales content.

🌮 Fully customizable pages, drag and drop editor that anyone can use regardless of computer skills

🌮 Dozens of page templates ready for you to plug in and hit publish

🌮 Integrations with your favorite tools like Calendly, Chili-piper, and Gong

Mutual Action Plans that get buyers on the same page

Ditch the never-ending email threads stuffed with links, photos, and attachments. Send follow-ups that buyers actually read.

Page Analytics that measure whether your buyer is actually interested or blowing smoke

Stop relying on email opens. Start measuring true intent by analyzing how long your buyers spend on your Distribute page and what they are actually focusing on.

AI-powered content creation

You heard that right. Use AI to build out your digital sales room when you are unsure of the best content to provide your prospect with.

"Distribute transformed our sales approach. With one cohesive space and actionable insights, we connect with clients more effectively than ever."
Annie Roche
Director of Sales at Attentive

Stop Losing Deals When You’re Not In The Room

Capture & Sync Engagement Data to CRM
Effortlessly capture and synchronize key engagement metrics directly into your CRM from your digital salesroom, ensuring every lead touchpoint is tracked.
One-click business cases, mutual action plans, and call follow-ups
Create compelling business cases, design mutual action plans collaboratively, and schedule follow-up calls with just one click.
Draft Content From Call Transcripts
Our tool seamlessly integrates with platforms like Gong and Chorus to quickly turn call transcripts into actionable drafts, boosting your content creation.
Admin Brand Locking
Take charge of the AI-generated content across your team. Customize your generative AI settings to consistently ensure that all content reflects your brand’s unique voice.
An App-Store On A Page
Centralize all your assets in one place, record videos, run polls, and create quizzes to engage and inform your audience effectively.
Identify Engaged Buyers With Analytics
Discover deeply engaged buyers with advanced analytics that reveal detailed interactions in your deal room, enabling targeted follow-ups.
Page analytics in Distribute.

Built for all kinds of cool donkey-lovers

  • Consolidate product details, price quotes, and case studies to expedite the sales cycle
  • Facilitate interactive mutual action plans and agreements with prospects in one digital room
  • Monitor how prospects engage with your content, allowing for tailored follow-ups and better conversions
  • Embed marketing campaigns, reports, and collateral in one accessible place for easy sharing
  • Track user engagement with content pieces to optimize campaign effectiveness
  • Simplify content sharing for promotions, partnerships, or sponsorships with a single URL
  • Aggregate business proposals, investor decks, and company overviews to pitch in a unified manner
  • Direct potential partners and stakeholders to a one-stop digital hub for all crucial business information
  • Share your company's story, mission, and milestones in a dynamic, interactive environment.
  • Present your offerings, testimonials, and work process neatly to build trust with prospects
  • Streamline communications by sharing a single link containing all crucial business details
  • Efficiently manage and update your sales materials in real-time without juggling multiple platforms
  • Centralize your portfolio, videos, and project timelines for a cohesive pitch
  • Embed detailed product breakdowns, ensuring your vision is effectively communicated
  • Showcase your creation process, from ideation to final delivery
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MUCHO love from world-class GTM teams, too

Catalyst logo.Attentive logo.

“We started using Distribute pages to speed up our pace in distributing lead magnets from our sales team. We are still early but so far our reps are booking meetings using the help of Distribute.”

Mark Kosoglow
CRO at Catalyst

“I love being able to show that I am a trusted advisor to my prospects my providing them with a high-value content offer vs. spamming them all day with cold emails.”

Annie Roche
Director of Sales at Attentive

“We’ve decreased the time it takes to get lead magnets out from 2 weeks to 20 minutes with Distribute. And now we have a library of content.”

Adam Robinson
CEO at Retention

Say ADIÓS to the complex deal rooms and get back to basics

Embrace simplicity with Distribute – where streamlined design meets effective sales.

With Distribute MAGIC Pages
Without Distribute Pages
Conversion-optimized templates
Fast creation time
Add conversion events with 2 clicks
Streamline content distribution
AI writing features
Easy-to-read conversion analytics
Code free
Unlimited publishing across all teams
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Connect your deal rooms to your favorite platforms

Automatically push lead data to email lists, CRMs, and revenue systems to trigger follow-up workflows.


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Get up to speed quickly with weekly onboarding & feedback sessions
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What is a Deal Room?

A Deal Room is an online hub where you can consolidate and present all your sales-related content — from mutual action plans and quotes to product overviews — in a single, organized URL.

How does a Deal Room differ from a regular website or landing page?

Unlike standard websites, a Deal Room is specifically tailored for sales content, ensuring seamless sharing and interactive engagement with prospects. Everything you need to close a sale can be found in one dedicated place.

Is my content secure in a Deal Room?

Absolutely. Distribute prioritizes the security of your sales content, ensuring that only authorized users can access your digital room.

Can I track visitor engagement within my Deal Room?

Yes, Distribute offers robust analytics, allowing you to monitor how prospects engage with your content. This provides insights for tailored follow-ups and optimizes conversions.

Is the Deal Room customizable to match my brand?

Absolutely. You can customize your room's appearance and layout to resonate with your brand identity, ensuring a consistent brand experience.

How many Deal Rooms can I create?

Distribute allows users to create multiple digital rooms, catering to various products, services, or clients. Each room can be tailored to its specific purpose.

Do prospects need a special login or software to view my Deal Room?

No special software or login is required. Prospects can access your sales room through any web browser using the unique URL you provide.

Can I update my Deal Room in real-time?

Yes, with Distribute, you can instantly update content, ensuring your prospects always have access to the most current and relevant information.