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Day 1
The 6 principles for writing great cold emails—and how to use ChatGPT to streamline your outreach.
Day 2
How to build a personal brand without being cringe (so you can build your personal lead gen machine).
Day 3
Our step-by-step process for booking calls via LinkedIn DMs—and how to optimize your profile for social selling success.
Day 4
Why nurturing is crucial for closing more deals (and 5 proven templates for spinning up your first nurturing sequence).
Day 5
The biggest discovery meeting mistakes sales reps make—and how to structure your script to turn initial chats into potential deals.
Day 6
A time-tested copywriting formula to create attention-grabbing Prospecting Pages (so you can book calls like crazy!)
Day 7 (BONUS)
Our 6-step system for creating money-making lead magnets—as well as 2 other advanced tactics that’ll put you in the top 1% of AEs.

“We’ve decreased the time it takes to get lead magnets out from 2 weeks to 20 minutes with Distribute. And now we have a library of content.”

Adam Robinson, CEO at Retention