Introducing: Effortless Lead Gen Mastery

The Fastest Way To Create Lead Magnets That Actually Make Mucho Dinero

Inside this FREE mini-course, you'll learn our 5-step process to create a money-making lead magnet in 5 days or less using AI (even if you've never created one before!)
¡Que Padre!
Step 1
Picking the right problem to solve... (so your lead magnet actually generates results)
Step 2
How to ideate, outline, & build your lead magnet from scratch (with the help of AI)
Step 3
Packaging up your lead magnet like a pro (so your prospects get instant value from it)
Step 4
Creating an irresistible lead magnet "squeeze page" (so you can gather your lead's information)
Step 5
Launching your lead magnet on social media with our proven templates (and getting your first lead!)
Step 6 (BONUS)
4 conversion tools you can use to spice up your lead magnets, book more calls, and boost revenue ($$$)

“We’ve decreased the time it takes to get lead magnets out from 2 weeks to 20 minutes with Distribute. And now we have a library of content.”

Adam Robinson, CEO at Retention