The lead magnet platform built to 3x your leadflow

Create, launch, and scale your next lead magnet in 10 minutes or less. Say adiós to gated vanilla whitepapers and hola to lead magnets that actually convert #DeathToWhitepapers

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We help people at your favorite companies ditch the whitepapers, finally
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So, why a lead magnet?

Let's face it - your cold emails aren't getting responses. Paid ads are eating your bank account balance. Social posts aren't getting any traction. Sound familiar?

That's Where A Lead Magnet Comes In.

A Lead Magnet is a High-Value Content Offer that moves your dream prospects from the curiosity to commitment!


Launch new lead magnets in 10 minutes or less

Lead magnets that even your ABUELITA can build, fast

Building a content page or mini-website used to take expensive engineers. What would normally take forever to design and develop can now be done in minutes.

🌮 Fully customizable pages, drag and drop editor that anyone can use regardless of computer skills

🌮 Dozens of page templates ready for you to plug in and hit publish

🌮 Integrations with your favorite lead generation tools like ConvertKit and beehiiv

Team workspace with pages in Distribute.
Turn yourself into a mini-marketer

Ditch expensive consultants and unnecessary software. Boost the number of leads you collect with one complete lead generation platform. Turn yourself into a team of 10 marketers.

Page editor in Distribute.
3x your email subscriptions

If you want people to sign up for your email list, you need somewhere you can promote it. That’s where lead magnets come in. Create the perfect opt in lead magnet for your brand and enjoy conversion rates that are 3x other platforms.

CTA conversion tool in the end of the page.
Leverage content to grow your email list

Content that requires an email to access it (i.e. lead magnets) is the number one way to grow your email list. Create checklists, PDFs, ebooks, and other lead magnets in your Distribute account, then deliver them to your audience where they want it, when they want it.

Various conversion tools available in Distribute.
"Before using Distribute, growing our email list was a real challenge. But once we integrated Distribute's lead magnets into our strategy, the results were astounding. Within just a few weeks, we collected 1000s of emails for our newsletter"
Chase Dimond
Top Ecommerce Email Marketer

Lead magnets built to boost your opt-ins and sales

Capture & Sync Lead Data To CRM
Capture lead data from pages like emails, phone numbers, and lead sources - the list goes on!
The Ultimate Conversion Toolkit
Add pop-ups, alert bars, and data capture mechanisms across all files types like images, videos, and PDF files.
Content Approval Flows
Worried about your team publishing a crappy lead magnet? Don't worry. You can encourage or require approval before a page is published.
Admin Brand Locking
Control the AI content your team is making. Tune your generative AI so that everything produced on a page matches your brand's voice.
An App-Store On A Page
Integrate all your assets from other GTM platforms and tools into one location, record videos, add polls, create quizzes, and more!
Content Attribution
Understand which pieces of content are driving conversions within your entire organization (not just from your marketing team!)
Page analytics in Distribute.

Built for all kinds of cool donkey-lovers

  • Transform your content into magnetic assets that attract your ideal audience
  • Engage fans with interactive pop-ups and alert bars, deepening your relationship
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your content and maximize your impact
  • Seamlessly integrate conversion-optimized tools to maximize sign-ups
  • Elevate your campaigns with professional-grade templates tailored to your audience
  • Stay ahead with real-time analytics to measure and enhance your strategy's effectiveness
  • Easily test and iterate marketing strategies with built-in analytics
  • Scale your business effortlessly with tools that grow with your audience
  • Launch faster with no-code lead magnets that resonate with your target audience
  • Save time with fast, drag-and-drop lead magnet creation
  • Empower your one-person operation with tools previously reserved for bigger teams
  • Understand your audience better with analytics, refining your offerings and boosting income.
  • Quickly craft compelling lead magnets to drive sales and meet targets
  • Boost engagement with intuitive conversion tools that captivate your audience
  • Gain actionable insights from analytics to refine your pitch and maximize conversions
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MUCHO love from world-class GTM teams, too

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“We started using Distribute pages to speed up our pace in distributing lead magnets from our sales team. We are still early but so far our reps are booking meetings using the help of Distribute.”

Mark Kosoglow
CRO at Catalyst

“I love being able to show that I am a trusted advisor to my prospects my providing them with a high-value content offer vs. spamming them all day with cold emails.”

Annie Roche
Director of Sales at Attentive

“Talk about sales & marketing alignment. Now I don't have to bug them for cheatsheets, guides, or lead magnets. I can make my own based on templates marketing has already provided.”

Brian Gerrard
Director of Sales at Outreach

Say ADIÓS to the complex marketing platforms and get back to basics

Need to generate leads, but don’t want the hassle that comes with expensive developers and complicated marketing solutions? Launch a beautiful lead magnet today and start generating leads —without writing a single line of code or needing to be titled a "marketer".

With Distribute MAGIC Pages
Without Distribute Pages
Conversion-optimized templates
Fast creation time
Add conversion events with 2 clicks
Streamline content distribution
AI writing features
Easy-to-read conversion analytics
Code free
Unlimited publishing across all teams
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Connect your lead magnets to your favorite platforms

Automatically push lead data to email lists, CRMs, and revenue systems to trigger follow-up workflows.


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Never wait for help—our average response time is muy fast
Get up to speed quickly with weekly onboarding & feedback sessions
Create higher-converting content for your emails, sequences, and outbound with free feedback
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What is Distribute?

Distribute is a SaaS solution that enables users to swiftly create high-value lead magnets using AI. You can effortlessly craft content, implement conversion tools, and analyze prospect interactions, all while seamlessly integrating with your preferred systems.

How does the AI feature help in creating content?

Our AI-driven technology assists users in crafting relevant and engaging content tailored to their target audience. It ensures that your lead magnets are not only compelling but also optimized for conversions.

What kind of conversion tools does Distribute offer?

Distribute offers a variety of conversion tools including pop-ups, alerts, bars, and gated content. These tools can be tailored to capture emails, book meetings, or encourage users to take specific actions.

How does Distribute ensure my lead magnets are effective?

Distribute tracks various user metrics, such as time spent on the page and interactions with your content. This allows you to gain insights and make data-driven adjustments to optimize conversions.

Which systems can I integrate Distribute with?

Distribute is designed to be flexible. It can push data to virtually any CRM, email marketing platform, or system of your choice. If you have specific integration requirements, feel free to contact our support team.

Is my data and my prospects' data safe with Distribute?

Absolutely. Data security is our top priority. Distribute uses advanced encryption and follows industry best practices to ensure all information is stored securely and confidentially.

Do I need any technical skills to use Distribute?

Not at all. Distribute is designed to be user-friendly, allowing both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy individuals to create and deploy lead magnets effectively.

Can I customize the look and feel of my lead magnets?

Yes! Distribute provides customizable templates and a user-friendly design interface, ensuring your lead magnets align with your brand and desired aesthetics.