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Capture, Connect, Convert: The Video Prospecting Way!

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Launch Video Prospecting that Lands Deals in Minutes

Video Prospecting that even your Grandma can master, rápido

Make every sales pitch into an engaging story with video or screen recording. Showcase your products or services in action right from your screen to theirs.

🌮 Intuitive screen capture tools that let anyone record high-quality videos—no expertise required.

🌮 Custom video templates designed to enhance your sales pitch, ready to be tailored for each prospect.

🌮 Effortless integrations with your CRM and calendar apps, aligning your sales video tools with your workflow.

Video One-Pagers that capture and keep buyer attention

Say goodbye to dense, unreadable emails. Say hola to clear, concise video one-pagers that tell your story at a glance.

🌮 Customize with a click, adding personal style and crucial sales points that speak to each prospect.

🌮 Impressive leave-behinds that ensure your pitch continues to work for you, even after watching your video.

Track Engagement with Video Analytics

Learn the true impact of your video prospecting with real-time analytics.

🌮 Track views, engagement, and responses to understand what works and what wows.

🌮 Optimize your follow-ups based on informed insights, not just gut feelings.

Narrate your content using the narration feature

Won't be there to talk about it? Won't be a problem. Use Distribute’s Narration feature to record yourself talking over the content.

🌮 Provides a bite-sized video of yourself that appears on the page so you can talk through your points.

🌮 Nobody likes having to squint their little eyeballs to see what’s on the page.


Video Prospecting is built to push next steps with prospects

Drive Actions with Video CTAs
Empower viewers to take the next step directly from your video, whether it's to book a meeting, visit a website, or engage further with your brand.
Seamless CRM Integration
Automatically sync engagement data such as emails and phone numbers into your CRM, ensuring all lead interactions are captured and actionable.
Interactive Conversion Tools
Enhance your video prospecting with interactive elements. Use pop-ups, alert bars, and data capture tools to turn every prospect interaction into an opportunity.
Content Quality Control
Ensure your team's content meets your high standards. Implement approval workflows to review and polish every piece before it goes live.
Connect Sales Tools
Distribute works with Google Workspace, Calendly, Outreach, Salesloft, Apollo.io and more to keep your workflows running smoothly.
Video Prospecting Insights
Get a clear picture of what video is driving results. Track conversions across your entire organization, not just the marketing department, for a complete view of success.

Built for all kinds of cool donkey-lovers

  • Convert your content into compelling assets that draw in your ideal audience.
  • Strengthen your connection with fans through interactive pop-ups and alert bars.
  • Use data to refine your content strategy and amplify your influence.
  • Centralize marketing campaigns, reports, and materials in one easy-to-access location for seamless sharing.
  • Monitor user interactions with your content to enhance the efficacy of your campaigns.
  • Streamline content distribution for promotions, partnerships, or sponsorships using a single URL.
  • Effortlessly experiment with and refine marketing approaches using integrated analytics.
  • Expand your business smoothly with scalable tools that adapt to your growing audience.
  • Accelerate launches with user-friendly, no-code lead magnets tailored to your target audience.
  • Display your services, client testimonials, and workflow clearly to establish trust with potential clients.
  • Simplify communication by distributing a single link with all essential business information.
  • Effortlessly handle and update your sales resources in real time without switching between various platforms.
  • Gather product information, pricing, and case studies in one place to speed up the sales process.
  • Enable dynamic, shared action plans and agreements with prospects in a unified digital space.
  • Track prospect interactions with your content for customized follow-ups and improved conversion rates.
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